"Red" Opens at George Street Playhouse

Tony Award-winning play will run through Feb. 26

The George Street Playhouse's latest production, the Tony Award winning "Red" is a look into growing old, the rise of the new, the play between a master and his apprentice, and the balance of power between the two.

Running through Feb. 26, "Red" is based on the life of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. The show begins in 1958 in New York City, as Pop Art is about to captivate the world with it's flashy colors and literal interpretations.

Rotko, widely hailed as a genius in his field, believed his paintings came to life when the viewer was willing to truly see them, to look at them and have them come to life in their minds.

The play centers around a period in which Rotko was commissioned by the Seagrams Corporation to paint a series of pieces for the Four Seasons Restaurant.

As the play progresses, Rotko, aided in a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with his assistant, Ken, begins to wrestle with the idea of painting for an audience that is increasingly looking to the next trend.

Bob Ari, known for his role as Richard Nixon in Broadway's "Frost/Nixon" plays the emotionally detached and prideful Rothko, a rock of a man set in his ways.

His assistant, Ken, played by Randy Harrison of the Showtime series "Queer As Folk" represents an entire generation coming up against the established trend and pushing it over to make way for something new. He grows as a character before our eyes.

The chemistry between the two actors is believable and engrossing, with moments of tension and relief that often feel too real.

It's a marvelous show, and worth the time spent in its audience.

"Red", directed by Anders Cato, will run through Feb. 26 at the , 9 Livingston Ave.

Tickets cost $41.50.

For more information on the show, or to purchase tickets, visit the Playhouse's website.


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