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Kyle Flood Introduced as New Head Football Coach at Rutgers

Five year contract will pay $750,000 first year, increase $100,000 each year and top out at $1.15 million in the fifth year

Rutgers University was introduced to its new head coach Tuesday: Kyle Flood, the football team's offensive line coach.

In a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, athletic director Tim Pernetti said that Flood was an ideal candidate because of his character and devotion to Rutgers, and because of the existing relationships he has with schools throughout the tri-state area.

Continuty of coaching and team performance were important to maintain while finding a new coach, Pernetti said.

"We found all those things in Kyle Flood," Pernetti said.

Flood is the 29th head football coach at Rutgers. He has a five year contract with the University that will pay $750,000 the first year, increase $100,000 per year and top out at $1,150,000 during the fifth year.

Flood, 41, an assistant line coach with Rutgers for the past seven years, was appointed interim head coach immediately following the news that longtime head coach to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On Monday, rumors swirled that Florida International University head coach Mario Cristobal was a definite to fill Schiano's shoes, but by Monday afternoon, media outlets were reporting that the deal was not to be.

Flood said he did not pay attention to the reports of Cristobal's expected appointment.

"I wasn't following anything to see what was going on," he said. "My job was recruiting."

Flood said that a change in coaching will not throw the football program into turmoil.

"The core values of Rutgers football don't come and go with any one person," he said.

Flood said that he believes the "time is right" for Rutgers to win a championship game, and the coach in charge, whether it be him or Schiano, is not the driving factor in that victory.

He also said that he is not looking to undo Schiano's stamp on the football program.

"The vision is constant and will not change," Flood said. (Coaching personalities) change, but it's not about trying to change something on purpose that is not broken."

National Signing Day, in which student athletes formally make their decisions on where to attend college on sports scholarships is Wednesday.

Flood declined to discuss the status of players tenatively agreeing to play for Rutgers until after Wednesday, due to NCAA regulations, but said he was "looking forward to commenting on it."





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